Monday, August 22, 2011

Have you ever tried a kettle bell?

Well summer is coming to a close, kids are back in school, and I have to get myself into a better routine. I have kept up with my exercise, bur feel like I have been slacking mentally. I am getting bored of the same old routines.

So today I went through my DVD collection and found my Jillian Michaels kettle bell workout. I thought well I have to start stepping things up a bit so I am going to do this....and I am not only going to do this but I am going to do level 2! What was I thinking?

If you have never tried a kettle bell I encourage you to give it a try. It is great because it is both aerobic and strength training all in one workout, which I love. You know...more bang for your buck. Now this is not for the weary...kettle bells are intense and you have to have proper form or you can easily get hurt. (remember my wrist fiasco)

Anyway, I popped that DVD in and before I knew it I was sucking wind....big time. This DVD did NOT disappoint. I forgot how crazy hard it is. So thank goodness that is over with. I got through it and feel good about getting back into a better routine, even if it means getting my butt kicked on occasion.

Today's tip: get out of your comfort zone and push will be surprised at what you can accomplish.



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Proud Mama

Today I am not going to share anything about or tips. I just want to share how proud I am of my sons. Micah gave his heart to the Lord 3 years ago, Jonah a year ago and Elijah 2 months ago. I cannot tell you how happy and proud I am. There is NOTHING more important to me than this huge commitment they made. I always talk about food and health for our natural bodies but how much more the health of our spiritual bodies. Last Wednesday Jonah and Elijah were baptized and man, were there many happy tears in the building. what a special day.

I pray for them daily and pray that they will continue to serve the Lord and make good choices for life.