Thursday, December 13, 2012


I know eggs in a cup doesn't sound appealing to many, but let me tell you... it is DELICIOUS.  I saw a form of this recipe in one of my magazines and thought I would try it last night.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures.  So, today I made them again... for lunch.  Oh my gosh...again delicious.  Now I have 2 different recipes as I switched up todays from last nights.  You can do whatever you like... it is limitless.

So you will need corn tortillas and whatever filling you desire.  Here is what I used:

Last night for dinner I used black beans seasoned with a little Goya and garlic powder smashed a little bit.  Put that on the bottom of the tortilla cup.  Oh before you try to put the corn tortillas in the muffin pan microwave for 20 seconds to make them plyable.  Spray pan with cooking spray. I then topped the beans with one egg, topped the egg with cheddar cheese and baked for 27 minutes at 350 degrees.  Total Yum!!!

These have kale, mushrooms and onion.

Today instead of the beans I sauted 1/4 onion, 1 portabello mushroom chopped and a good handful of kale.

Crack egg right on top then add cheese of your choice or not!
I then cracked the egg, added feta and cheddar cheese and baked the same.  If you like your egg soft bake for around 23 to 24 minutes.  Me...I want that baby cooked hard.

The corn tortilla gets nice and crispy and the inside is moist and yummy.  

Here they are.. hot out of the oven.  I topped them with salsa verde or you can use regular salsa, pico de galo... hot sauce...whatever.  These are great for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

Even the kiddos gave these a thumbs up!!