Monday, March 18, 2013

The Start to a great Spring Break!

Hi there!  It's been a while and I don't have many tips right now, so I thought I would just blog about some random stuff that has been going on.

Spring is finally in the air!  I love Spring!  Getting warmer, flowers, days getting longer....ahhh it just feels good.

So last week was Spring Break and we decided to go to Gulf Shores Alabama.  Why you ask?  Well, because the cruises were too expensive that week and gosh I could just not figure out anywhere else to go last minute!!  So, Spring Break started great.  I got up early Saturday morning and ran my first 5k in 4 years!!!  I haven't been running too much because well I just don't love running but I am determined to be a runner!!  So off I went early in the morning with my friend Tracy!  Thanks Tracy for posting that race otherwise I would have never known it was happening!!

So, we got there and I just wanted to run, to finish and to enjoy.  I didn't care about my time too much or didn't even consider I would place in the race.  The day was beautiful, perfect for a run.  My time was 30.49 and I came in 36th out of over 160 people!  I also came in 3rd in my age bracket!  Well that was unexpected!  As I crossed the finish line my wonderful husband and boys were there to cheer me on.  I thought they were still asleep at home!  It was a great start to Spring Break week.
Me (and my coffee) before leaving for the race

Feeling tired but good


Seriously 3rd place?  Wasn't expecting it!
Next blog I will post on our Gulf Shores vacation!



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