Monday, August 26, 2013

Pineapple Jam

I had some left over fresh pineapple chunks waiting to be used and I usually throw them in the freezer for a smoothie, but today I thought... I wonder if I could make jam with it?  So after googling pineapple jam,  and seeing yes it does exist, I did my own thing.  LOL.

Pineapple cooking on stovetop
So I took the pineapple and blended it in the food processor and added 1 cup of water.  I then added 2 very small peeled grated apple.  (I felt I needed the pectin in the apples)  I also added a squeeze of lime juice and 1/4 C pure honey.   I then boiled this for about 40 min on medium heat until nice and thick.  Leave in pot to cool off.
I then put it in this nice jam jar that I found in my cupboard!  Isn't it pretty?
It was so easy and something really different and a good way to use up some pineapple that was on its way out.
Finished pineapple jam all pretty in the jar.


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