Thursday, August 22, 2013


So, I have been shying a bit away from the oatmeal this summer... just because, well... it's summer. (yes I did have oatmeal a few days ago)  I don't know why we just change our habits according to the season.  Take baths.  I love love love baths.  In the winter I take one almost every day.  I just realized that for the past 3 months I maybe have taken 10 baths...only because I was sore from a workout and needed a good soak.  Weird.

I guess the same with food.  We like to eat comfort foods for fall and winter like chili, stews, soups etc... and in the spring and summer veer towards the fresher foods like salads and grilled meats and veggies.  Kinda interesting we do it without even realizing it.  

Of course lately even though it is still August, for the past week I have been feeling like it should be fall making apple cakes, oatmeal... putting scented candles on.  Just strange.  

Today I ate what I have been eating most of the summer.  I can go all winter without eating... the simple... the perfect... EGG!!

These are God's perfect food in a shell.  It is so good for you.  It has everything except Vitamin C so add an orange and you are good to go.

Eggs are a very good source of both selenium and iodine.

They are filled with vitamins, minerals and of course a great source of protein.  I have been easing off my protein shakes and having 2 eggs post workout. 

So, here is how it went down this am:

This is where our chickens live.

Here they are hanging out and eating. 
2 eggs that were layed this morning!! Can't get any more fresh than that!!!!

Look how much more yellow the yoke is with a farm fresh egg!!  So much healthier!!

Also, don't be afraid of the yokes!  I always was afraid of all the cholesterol and calories and that is just garbage.  God made chickens to lay eggs.  They are natural and good for you.  Just don't eat 10 a day!! LOL.  Eggs can and are a healthy addition to your breakfast, lunch or supper!!!  Can be so versatile...quiches, frittatas, add to fried rice... possibilities are endless!!
This is the final product.  I decided against toast this morning so I had to break the yolks.  Can't eat my eggs runny without toast!!



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