Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall..light simple delicious

So this  week I have been eating a lot lighter. After our cruise last week and eating tons and tons of food, this week I felt the need to eat much lighter. Didn't really know what to have for supper so I surfed the web and found a recipe for butternut squash soup. I usually make this with sweet potatoes or cut up squash that I roast, but I'm kinda tired today and I have parent teacher conferences and a school fall festival tonight, so it had to be quick. In 30 minutes I went from nothing to a creamy healthy comforting soup
I had frozen cooked squash so this was a breeze. 
I sautéed one onion, one carrot, and 1/2 peeled apple  in 1 teaspoon of butter
 I added the cooked squash to the mixture. I added one container 2 cups of chicken stock. I cooked  this for 30 minutes with some salt and pepper. Then I took my emulsifier and blended it right in the pot.
Creamy healthy delicious soup without even adding any cream at all. This recipe is perfect for anyone with lactose issues. There is no milk in it yet it is still creamy. 

This is perfect for a chilly fall day. Plus you are getting so many vitamins with the squash and the onions and the carrots.

Tip:  You can use any kind of squash that you want but I find that butternut makes it most creamy.



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