Thursday, October 2, 2014

Part 2 Boston

So yesterdays post was the trip to Boston.  Thank God it went smoothly as I dislike flying and it was Jonah's (middle son)  first plane trip.

We landed safely in Boston's Logan Airport around 11:00 am and quickly got a taxi and  arrived at the Seaport Boston Hotel which was very nice.  It was in the seaport district so it looked more industrial around where we were, but the hotel was beautiful and the room very nice.

Once we got unpacked and settled and Scott took a power nap, we got a map and ventured out to see the sights.  Boston is totally a walking town.  Let's just we walked EVERYWHERE.  Since the hotel was not in the hub of things, just getting to downtown was about 2 miles.  So as far as exercise...I got that in easy.  We walked easy 6-10 miles a day... no joke.

Boston is so rich in American History, which was a real learning experience for me since I pretty much slept through my history classes in high school.  I know shame on me, but I just wasn't interested back then, but now so cool.  We picked up the freedom trail after we stopped at a little local seafood spot and had stuffed clams and lobster bisque... yum!!

We then hit the freedom trail
The freedom trail goes from the Boston  common to bunker hill and is approximately 3 miles long with many stops along the way. It was very cool being that the whole freedom Trail was marked in the sidewalk with red brick so you knew exactly which way to go. By the end of the trip Jonah and I completed the entire trail from the Boston Common to Bunkerhill as well as climbing the 294 steps up to the top of Bunker Hill. I wasn't going to wimp out on that one. I was raring to go to the top as a challenge not thinking of how claustrophobic it would be. So I put my head down and just started going up all 294 of those steps!
We also got to see the site of the Boston tea party and the USS constitution.
Very cool stuff. 
We also were at the site of the Boston massacre.
But my all-time very very favorite part of Boston was Boston's Little Italy. It had so many Italian restaurants,  pastry shops and just quaint brown stone apartments. I loved everything about it and it just brought me back to my roots.  We had two dinners here and stopped at two different pastry shops for Italian pastries.
That's Jonah with coconut gelato
Oh yeah...

Okay I guess you're tired of Italian food pictures. We also stopped and had some really great seafood including clam chowder and local fish. We had lobster mac & cheese which was also amazing
Fresh caught mahi mahi 
This was the best!!!! Lobster mac and cheese

We really had a great time of American history and eating our way and walking through Boston.



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