Monday, September 29, 2014


So every year Sweety gets to go on a conference to keep up his credentials and to learn all the cutting edge things going on in the dermatology world... I get to go with him and see different parts of the country (yay)

This year the conference was in Boston.. bean town ...home of the Boston Tea Party.. Freedom Trail...and yes seafood!!

A few things to note:  #1 I just had no desire to go to Boston.  I don't know why?  I just didn't.  It was not somewhere that I would want to travel to.  I lived in NE Pennsylvania for many years and NJ and was clearly in driving distance to it and never went... never.  So, when I found out the conference was in Boston, I was less than enthusiastic.

#2 The next reason was the dreaded airplane.  I don't fear heights or anything, I just don't like the whole flying thing.  So this made me nervous right away.

#3 We decided to take the middle child aka Jonahman with us to this conference.  If you remember 2 years ago we took the oldest son aka Micahman with us to Seattle.  (see older post from July 2012)

We like to take one child so they get some much needed time away from the siblings...

Boston was the perfect place for Jonah because he LOVES American history!!!

So I may do this in 2 posts... or 3  to not overwhelm everyone with too much Stout info.

Here's the take off:
A bit nervous before the flight... at 545am!!!

Notice I walked and did not take the treadmill thingy.  It's the little things that add up.

Watching a movie on the plane.

All in all thank God it was a good flight!!
More on Boston in the next post!!

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