Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fantastic New Product!!

Ok I am so excited!!  I have found a new product that I love!!  It doesn't happen very often that I really like something so much that I blog about it, but this one I MUST.  I did post a fantastic yogurt that I found a few weeks ago on Facebook called Noosa.  Oh so delicious!  This one... comes in pretty close.

If you are peanut butter lover and dislike all the fat and calories it brings...although it is  healthy fat and calories,  I have the product for you.  I have heard about it in the past but never actually saw it in the store.

Today while aimlessly walking the isles of Kroger, I stumbled upon it.  It is called PB2.  It is powdered peanut butter!!  Ok I am not a fan of powdered ANYTHING! This I was skeptical but I thought I would give it a try with an open mind. After all it only has roasted peanuts, sugar and salt.  I didn't particularly like the sugar but it only has 1 gram of sugar.  I checked my regular peanut butter and that also has 1 gram without and added.

 You put 2 Tbsp of powder in a bowl and mix with 1 Tbsp water.  That's it.  It turns into yummy roasted tasting peanut butter!  Here is the kicker!!!  Regular peanut butter has 200 calories and 16 grams of fat per 2 TBSP..PB2.... 45 calories baby!!!!!  Oh yeah...

Here's what the jar looks like:

The one on the left has cocoa powder in it...double deliciousness!!!!

A jar of this set me back $4.59 cents, but gosh I had to try it.  It was so creamy and good.

Now for the back of my all  natural peanut butter:  Still good but look at the calories and fat -

All natural.  Good choice just a lot of calories and fat.

So, I just want to share some products that I find that I really like!!  This one to me is a winner!!  



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