Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Thursday

It is Thursday already. This week has flown by. Sorry I didn't get back with you on how the grilled steaks came out. My son broke his glasses so had to do errands yesterday so I am now just getting around to it.

After I marinated the steaks all day {you can also do overnight}, I brought to room temperature. Take out of fridge for at least a half hour before cooking or else the meat will be tough. I sprinkled with more pepper and then grilled outside for...well here is where it varies. We like our steaks medium/medium rare. These steaks literally took 4 minutes to cook. I must use a digital thermometer because I am not skilled enough on the meat department to know when they are finished. So I cook mine to about 127 degrees and then take it off, put in a clean dish and cover with foil. If you want your meat well done or should I say killed (yuck), cook to about 140 degrees. Let sit under foil for 15 minutes. This will recirculate the juices back into the meat. If you cut right away you will have dried out steak and lots of juice on your plate.

I served my steaks with caramelized onions, mashed potatoes, and roasted fresh zucchini.

It was delicious.

Today's tip is try some steaks or chicken on the grill with fresh vegetables. It is delicious as well as healthful.



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