Monday, July 11, 2011

Hot hot hot

Well it must be summer. The heat is almost unbearable and we live up on a plateau! When it gets hot like this I like to grill outside. It keeps the house cooler and grilling foods instead of frying them is a lot more healthy. So today I am making grass fed ribeye steaks on the grill. My brother and mt niece are in from pennsylvania and they requested steak. So I am fulfilling their request sine I did buy a whole cow a few months ago. Since grass fed beef has a little stronger taste and it is much leaner than grain fed, I marinate my steaks before grilling them. Today I am marinating them in:

Extra virgin olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Soy sauce
Worsteshire sauce
Steak seasoning
Garlic powder
Salt and pepper

I am hoping they will be tasty...will let you know tomorrow how they turn out.

Today's tip: try grilling outdoors. It will save your electric bill and is much healthier than frying. If you do t have an outdoor grill you can always use a stovetop grill...just crank up your air conditioner.



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