Saturday, February 25, 2012

New favorite products

I have a few new favorite products. I found them both at our local food outlet, but I have seen them at our local grocery store as well.

As you know, I make a lot of pizza. My favorite tomato to use is Cento. The problem is, I cannot get this in our area of Tennessee, so I have to wait until someone brings me some from out of state. Then I stock up.

So when I was at the local store I saw this crushed tomato and did not think much of it. It is a common brand...not very Italian, but at 1.00 a can, I thought I would give it a try. Glad I did. It has such a great fresh taste and nice deep red color. It is Hunts crushed tomato with Basil.

The other product is Earth Balance peanut butter with coconut oil. Oh gosh, if you like coconut, this is for you. The recent findings of the health benefits of coconut oil make this a fantastic product. It is so delicious in my morning smoothie. Yum.

The tomatoes come in crushed and whole.

Both of these products are really tasty and very healthy for you as well.



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