Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day

So this Valentines Day was on a Tuesday and we never attempt to go out on the day...way too crowded. I like to make a nice meal at home for Sweety. Usually I feed the kids and then we have a quiet dinner together. This year we all ate together. It was so nice. I enjoyed the dinner together so much.

Here is what I made. Some healthy, some not so much.

Antipasto platter with olives, cheese, and salami...yum. Homemade oat/wheat Italian bread, cauliflower bisque, shrimp scampi with thin spaghetti, and for dessert red velvet whoopie pies and chocolate covered strawberries.

Here are some photos. I forgot to take one of the finished product of my bisque, but you get the idea of how it got started.

After this cooks, just blend it up!

Ok, these were not as good as cousin Elizabeth's, but They still are gone, so they must have liked them.

Ok these were delicious!

Yes, I are a little too much, but it was a special day and I knew everything I ate because I cooked it myself.

Today's tip: if you cook, you know exactly what you are eating. So, try a gourmet recipe for a special occasion. Just let the kids do the dishes. LOL



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