Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Juice

Heathy, yummy, fresh ...juice that is. Not from the bottle, but fresh from the source. I bought a juicer last week and have been juicing every day since. We as Americans do not eat enough fruits and vegetables in our diet. We are supposed to eat a MINIMUM of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day....a minimum. Some days I don't get that. Some days I look back and don't even get any fruits in. Wow. Shame on me. We wonder why we are feeling so stressed and tired.

So on to the juicer. A juicer will extract all the vitamins and minerals from the produce and leave behind the pulp so you will have pure juice. It does leave behind the fiber too, so don't neglect to actually eat some fruits and vegetables as well as juice.

Because it is pure juice without added junk the body digests it easily and thus gives you a nice burst of energy...naturally. It even tastes good. It may look gross at first with all the colors...but it tastes good and you can combine whatever you like. It is a great way to sneak in some great nutrition.

This is what I have been having:

Romaine lettuce

Sometimes I add an apple to sweeten it up.

The end result:

For the kids I make:


You have to sneak in the veggies. They just haven't been able to accept the dark green ones yet...we will get there. Lol

Todays tip: Give it a try...if you don't have a juicer...start with your blender. Mix it up and see how much better you will feel.



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