Monday, September 20, 2010

The dreaded.... Dental Appointment

Ok, not only is it Monday, which makes it hard enough to get myself up, kids to school, exercise and try to accomplish something, but it is my dreaded dental appointment day.  Ugh.  I am sorry, but who actually likes to go to the dentist.  It is one of those necessary evils.  I really feel bad for dentists because no one is really happy to see them... except if you have a bad toothache you will be really really happy to be seeing the dentist. 

Anyway, I go for my 6 month appointment for a cleaning and check up and everything looks good, Thank God.  If I had a cavity that is another story of panic.  Did I ever tell anyone that when I was a kid they actually drilled my cavities with NO NOVOCAINE !!!!  Who does that??  I guess that is why I am so messed up over seeing the dentist. That and I feel like I cannot breathe when they are sticking their hands in my mouth.  Well, enough of me bellyaching. 

So, every time I go they ask me if I have been flossing and I am always tempted to lie and say yes when I really only do it once in a while.  This time I got to tell them that for the past 2 months I HAVE been flossing every day !!!  I have really been thinking about my overall health and I have been really trying to do the right things to become more healthy so I had to tell myself that flossing is part of overall health.  So, yes I am forcing myself to floss EVERY DAY.

I asked my dentist why this is so important not only for my gums but overall health and he explained that if we have so much bacteria in our mouths it causes inflammation and that inflammation can travel to other parts of our arteries and cause strokes or other harmful or deadly diseases.  Wow I didn't know that.

So, today's tip is if you don't already, start flossing.  It is not only good for your teeth and gums but your overall health.



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