Wednesday, September 22, 2010

See You At The Pole 2010

Well, today wall another early morning.  I had to get the kids out earlier than usual because today was National See You At The Pole day.  For all unfamiliar with what this is you can check it out on
It is a student lead time of prayer around their school's flagpole before school.  It all started 20 years ago with a small group kids at their youth group who felt led to do this.  Now it is an official thing.  Schools around the world participate in this wonderful time of prayer where students come together to pray for their schools, their peers, and their teachers.  

This morning as I dropped off my oldest son, no one was at the pole yet and I was worried as he sat there alone waiting.  I had to get the 2 younger boys off to their school.  At the elementary school there were teachers waiting, parents, people from the community and local churches there to support our kids as they took a stand and prayed around the flagpole.  There were at least 40-50 or more there.  It was awesome to look around and see these kids bowing their heads to pray!  As I was praying I thought about how my oldest son was there alone so I quietly left and went to see what was happening at the high school.

Well, it was so great!  There were about 30 or more teenagers holding hands and praying.  It really moved me and I was also proud of my son who was participating in this and knew he was not alone.  I always think of peer pressure as a bad thing and it usually is, but in this instance it was a good thing, peers standing for something good and true !!  

So, my tip for the day is to pray pray pray !!!  As I am on this journey of overall health, I realize that spiritual health really is the most important!  
James 5:16  The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.



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