Monday, September 27, 2010

Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

Well, today marks about 3 months that I have been off diet soda.  I never really liked the regular sodas because they were too sweet for me, so I thought I was doing OK even while losing weight reaching for diet soda.  There was something about the soda that I loved... so much I was addicted.  I never would think I was addicted to it, but looking back I know I was.  I could eat more healthy, eat less, exercise, but give up my diet soda.. NEVER. 

 I read all the health books and magazines that said how bad artificial sweeteners are but I  never could kick the habit.  I even tried to give it up and was off of it for about a week when I got this severe headache that wouldn't go away for 6 days... straight.  Nothing would take it away.  I was thinking brain tumor while I was sitting on the couch eating some pizza and deciding I needed a diet soda.  I don't think it was 10 minutes after I drank the soda that I realized my headache was totally gone.  You may say that is wasn't the diet soda, but I am convinced that was what it was.  It was like I was going through withdrawal  from it.  So, I went right back to drinking it.

3 months ago I finally decided that enough was enough.  The stuff is poison to our bodies.  There are loads of products with artificial sweeteners in it calling it sugar free or diet.  If we continue to consume it our bodies cannot digest this properly.  So, I'm done with it for good.  If I am in need of what I think to be that diet soda, I drink seltzer water.  It gives you all the bubbles without any bad stuff.  It's water with bubbles... that's it.  Love that stuff!!  

Sugar seems so natural and good, and I would much rather consume real sugar than any artificial sweetener, but Americans consume way too much sugar.  It is in everything from ketsup to breads to sauces.  The list could go on.  I just read that in the early 1900's Americans consumed 15 grams of sugar per day.  Today the average is 90 grams of sugar.  You do the math on that one.  We eat WAY too much sugar.  (I won't even get into high fructose corn syrup on this post... that will be for another day.)

So today's tip is stay away from artificial sweeteners and try to eat less sugar in general.  You can use honey, organic agave, or stevia which is plant based and no calories.  Honey and agave still have calories but do not spike your blood sugar like table sugar does.  In some other posts I will do some recipes that I swap out the sugar and use honey or agave and they are just as yummy !!




  1. I like truVia, its made with Stevia and doesn't have any bad artificial taste that most have. And good ole water with fresh lemon squeezed into it. If I do seltzer I like some cranberry juice like a spritzer. I never was into soda or diet soda especially, ugh.

  2. I have bought Tru Via and Stevia in the raw. Both taste good to me. Adding juice to seltzer is a great way to sweeten it up a bit !!