Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What's happening in my house today...

I have to say it again.  I LOVE THE FALL.  This weather is perfect!  

So, I have been productive...in the kitchen.  The rest of the place is a mess but oh well.  It will get done.

So here is what's happening around the place...

The end of summer tomatoes.
 Which turns into this...

 and ultimately this...

I know this may look totally gross, but this is the most concentrated amazing tomato
that you will have.  You just roast on low for 3 hours!  Then you can eat like this or...
blend and make the most DELICIOUS sauce you can imagine....trust me.
Then there was this...

Apple Streusel Coffee Cake!

The smell of cinnamon is amazing!

I needed to use these.  We buy them from a  lady who gets them fresh from the orchard and sells them
from her home.
They are called Mutzu.  Tart and sweet.

The front porch... loving the pumpkins.

What is it about pumpkins?  

This is what is in my crockpot for dinner.
Creamy Potato Soup and BLT's on
homemade bread!

It's still raising!

So that's what is happening in my house today... how about yours?



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