Thursday, September 13, 2012


 You either love it, hate it, or like me can just take it or leave it.  It is totally not my favorite meal of the day and most of the time quite frankly, I can just do without it.  I never really cared for eating in the morning.  Now the husband?  He LOVES breakfast.  It is his favorite.  The works of eggs, bacon or ham, home fries, toast, stomach just cringes when I think of it. Oh well too each his own I suppose.
  Sometimes it is just too hectic getting the kids ready for school and then heading out for my day.  Sometimes I just don't feel hungry in the morning.
Well studies show that people who eat a good healthy and yes even larger breakfast on average are slimmer than those who don't.  Sounds weird huh?  Well I thought so too but upon reading many articles on it, it is consistent and true.
Breakfast is just what is says... Break the Fast.  You are fasting all night when you sleep.  Sometimes if I don't eat anything after dinner (which by the way is almost impossible for me.. I'll save that for another post)  then I am fasting for 12 to 14 hours....
So, by morning our bodies need nutrients to get us going again.  If we don't eat our metabolism will stay sluggish and we will burn less calories.  Sorry, a cup of java just won't do it.  (i tried)
Eating a healthy breakfast also will keep you from being absolutely famished by lunchtime when we then tend to OVEReat.
What do I mean by a healthy breakfast?  Well don't ditch that cup of joe.  Enjoy 1 or 2 cups with your meal, just don't overdo the sugar and cream.
Here are some great options.
Oatmeal with banana and walnuts.
Oatmeal with apples and cinnamon.
Eggs on a whole grain english muffin.
Eggs with whole grain toast.
Greek yogurt with fruit.
1 C of whole grain cereal (not fruit loops please)

Here is what I am having this morning. Steel cut crockpot oats with banana, applesauce, and blackberries. Yum.
Make your own smoothie!  This is great for on the go
My son makes one almost every morning.
Peanut Butter or almond butter
1 banana (frozen if you have)
1 Tsp Cocoa powder if you want it to be decadent without tons of extra calories.
Protein powder if you wish. (He plays football so yeah he uses it)
Blend well and enjoy!  This one is great.
Another one that I made for son #2 today
1 C milk
1 banana
1/2 C frozen berries
1 tsp honey (of course he needed some sweetness, I don't add it for mine)
Blend and enjoy.  You can also add greek yogurt if you have some on hand.
These breakfasts are super healthy and will get your metabolism revved.  It also with fuel your body with the proper nutrients to keep you going throughout your morning and you won't be starving at lunchtime.
Todays tip:  Don't skip breakfast!!  It truly is the most important meal of the day.


  1. Can your share a recipe for the crock pot steel cut oats?

    1. I have a post about the process, recipe and pics from February 2012 archives. You can find that on the right side of the page. Let me know if you can't find it and I can email it to you directly!