Thursday, January 12, 2012

Have I mentioned quinoa?

That title is a joke because I know I have talked about quinoa, but I am just obsessed with it lately. It is so delicious with a nutty flavor and such a high nutritional content. So much bang for your nutritional buck. It is becoming so widespread too on all the talk shows, news articles etc.

I made some the other day and have been enjoying it all week.

It is soooo yummy. I use this as a meal or a replacement for rice. I add lemon juice and roasted vegetables and fresh basil and cilantro. You could also add chicken or pork to make this a full meal.

So, try some quinoa. If you like cous cous, it is most like that, but I like the taste way better. Note: kids are fussy on this. I CANNOT get my kids to eat this. I try, but they just don't like it. I will keep trying, who knows someday they may change their minds.

Today's tip: Try quinoa. If you have a Costco around that is where it is the cheapest. Otherwise it could be quite pricy.


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