Monday, January 30, 2012


Had a really good weekend.  Friday got chores done and started on organizing paperwork and tax stuff.  The older boys had plans to go to the high school basketball game at night.  This includes Sweety.  I am not interested in basketball at all and Elijah didn't want to go either so the 2 of us went out for dinner.  While we were eating a good friend texted me saying she was taking her little guy skating and asked if we wanted to go.  I kinda got a little excited. I used to rollerskate all the time when I was young and it has been a long time since I have rollerskated.   So we decided to check it out.  I never took Elijah to a skating rink before so we went.  Well we had a fabulous time!!  Elijah did great and I got to skate for 2 hours.  Now first let me tell you that I started off pretty slow but I think I did ok and got a lot more confident after only a short time.   Secondly, I was the hands down oldest person out there skating.  When did I get so old? Ugh...oh well, I did it anyway and boy did it get my heart rate up. I'm not used to incorporating fun into my exercise.  I do my scheduled exercise and that is about it, but instead of watching tv or a movie, I was skating off calories andhaving fun.   A huge thanks to my friend for asking me.  I wold have never thought of skating. The next 2 days, I had sore muscles I didn't know I had.  Lol.  All in all a great weekend. Today's tip:  Try something totally different that you may not even think of. You will burn extra calories and have a blast!   Blessings, Trish

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