Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Almost Caved

Yes, last night I almost caved. I was busy most of the day trying to get organized. I really really want to be organized, but I fall so short. So, I decided I really am going to try. So I went through all my bills, receipts, paperwork for the household and business. It felt really good to get most of it done.

I took out pork tenderloin for supper and planned to make it with rice and a veggie. Well something came over me around 230pm. Call it a dip in blood sugar, over tiredness, or whatever but I just didn't want to cook. I just didn't. I thought, I am going to call Sweety to just bring home Chinese. That's it...done. Then I remembered a blog post I read 2 days ago about a mom who felt the same way and she almost ordered a pizza...until she went online and reached out for some motivation...and she got it and made her meal. That really affected me and I said, no Chinese on a Tuesday. I will feel much better eating a healthy dinner and my family will get a healthier meal.

So, I pushed through and made a teriyaki pork tenderloin, whole wheat noodles and jasmine rice, sautéed cabbage, and a broccoli and cheese bread.

The verdict...everyone loved the meal and I felt good about not caving. We had a nice family meal for at least 1/2 the calories we would have consumed.

Think about the cash saved also!

So I am glad I didn't cave last night. Some days I do and get some takeout, but as along as it is occasionally and not regularly, I can live with that.

Today's tip: If you don't feel like it, reach out to someone...a parent, friend, sibling or even a blog to give you some inspiration!



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