Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Healthy brownies

Ok, so I was having a chocolate craving, which I rarely do. My problem food is bread and pizza, but today it was chocolate. So, I make homemade brownies...healthy brownies. These are made with whole wheat flour, honey, and applesauce...minimal olive very low fat and pretty healthy. Well they would be if I didn't eat almost half the tray. I seriously ate 3 brownies...big ones.

So this is why I really can't bake too often. I make stuff healthy, but I eat too much of it. Oh well, I have to just see it for what it is and move on and not let it sabotage my whole day. It happens.

- Jonah had one large one....they were really good.

Today's tip: don't beat yourself up if you eat too much, just don't let it carry on into the next meal...the next day...the next week.



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  1. Brownies is my favorite meal after the dinner. My freeze was always full of with ice cream and brownies. i have tried to bake it once. But now i am exciting to bake it tonight as per your method. I wish that i will show out my brownies as soon as possible.